Author visits, Baggins Breath, & Battle of the Books 

Exciting things are happening at Ellison library in the coming Months!  March 2, the fabulous author Eric Walters is coming to share his knowledge with our intermediate students, check out their welcome banner! They are very excited to welcome Eric into our school.  

Welcome Eric!


Just some of his many titles!

We are also exited to share with you that we have three teams of dedicated readers grades 3-7 competing in the zones tournament for Battle of the Books on April 10 from 9am-1130am at Mission Hill elementary school . Teams that advance head off to compete in the District competition later in the spring. Once again Ellison is holding our annual school wide reading competition  Baggins Breath on April 11 at 5pm. We look forward to seeing the team costumes, hearing the cheers, and seeing the joy on the faces of our students who truly show a passion for reading and Literacy!  


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