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Well my friends, the fireworks are to celebrate all of our hard work this semester. Congrats all for completing this course!!

From the start of this course I have wanted to create a resource that is easy to use and useful to my colleagues. I wondered the best way to present some of the awesome information that we have learned during this course, and how to highlight some of the tech info that I found most exciting and I settled on a website/blog. For the past three months I have been looking over the teacher resources in our library and I wanted to create one that teachers can access from anywhere to get ideas. The website is combined with a mobile maker kit. I plan to have a mini meeting to present these materials to our staff…hopefully before Christmas Holidays!! I definitely had some speed bumps when it came to working with online creating. It took me a week and a half to figure out why I wasn’t able to save my blog entries. But once I figured that out (I was sending the signup email to the wrong address), it has been smooth sailing! I do feel that if I had more time to dedicate to this course-no job, no second job- that I may have been able to dive even deeper into the content. I am very excited that I know about all of these amazing things now, I can continue learning about them on my own for years to come.

The key learning tid bit that I will be taking away from this course is : if you have an idea about engaging students learning- search it up, chances are there are some wonderful like minded educators out there in cyber space that have tried your idea. The online PLC groups that can be created through inquiry are really inspiring. I wondered what it would be like, taking an online course and never actually bouncing ideas off my peers face to face, I wondered if it would me feel less connected to my learning, as it happens I have never felt more connected, thank you for that LIBE477 group and Aaron!! I plan to post my blog on my school website and possibly see if the tech ed teachers in our district would like to use it. I am starting small and sharing it with few- in the hopes they will share it.

I am very proud to share with you the blog/website I have created for my school library. This blog includes links to many STEM and Design Thinking Challenges to use in your classroom,  Information on SD#22 Maker Space Kits that are newly available, information on how to implement maker space time in your classroom, a list of resources included in our schools beginner mobile Maker Kit, the switch from traditional Library to a Learning Commons model, and the idea of creating a library for maker space club.

I have enjoyed this course very much. I am in awe of the amount of information I have learned in the last 4 months. I am a better educator for having taken this course. The amazing amounts of resources, ideas, challenges, inspiring comments from my peers have left me feeling truly excited about the future of teaching and learning in our schools.

I can only hope that in the future I will still have the opportunity to work in a school library as a Teacher Librarian. I have learned so much about the shift in school libraries and the roll of TL’s in schools through this course. As a new TL I feel that this course has allowed me to explore a new path of learning while also using all of the amazing ideas shared by my peers in my library. I could learn about something one day and they attmept to integrate it into my library the next. How incredible, to learn and try and adapt and change ideas. I have felt like a true learner these past 4 months, I have also felt confident to share my failures and triumphs with my students and I have found it has made our connection as Teacher and Student much stronger.

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