FAIL= First Attempt In Learing


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I feel so grateful  that I was able to take this course. It has shown me some incredible things. I have been so lucky to become part of this learning community. We have a great PLC happening here! My peers have opened up a whole new world of learning for me, before this course I had no idea what a Maker Space was and how important they could be for our students.

The technology portion of my vision project has changed many times from my first thoughts and ideas. When I started to envision my project I was thinking I would do a simple Prezi Presentation at a staff meeting.  I would use my computer and a written handout. Things have evolved from there. I have now created a website/blog for our library. I will present the website to my staff as well as show them the maker kit I have created for their use.  I am working on creating a iMovie with an intro video to welcome staff and parents and students to the site. The website will be loaded with links to STEM lesson plans as well as Design Thinking Challenges. There will be articles with suggestions for bringing in the concept of maker space in their classroom. My ultimate goal is that they will find the site user friendly and really want to check it out and try some new projects in their classrooms.

The potential road blocks for this project are that the staff may not buy in. It might seem like one more new way of teaching that doesn’t fit into their year plan for their students learning. I will seek help from my administrator to encourage staff to take risks in their teaching and learning. Another worry I have is that I Amy not be teaching at the same school next year- who will continue to carry the maker space torch if I am elsewhere? I will also be attempting to add my website to our schools homepage. I will definitely need help with this. Our district tech support staff are amazing and I will be working with them to access any extra resources or assistance to complete my visions. Their is a very tech savvy literacy support teacher they I have been sharing my ideas with, she is very helpful and supportive!

My brainstorming is old school pen and paper before adding it to the computer. Check out an image of my first/continuous drawing board. photo-on-2016-11-25-at-7-38-am

So far my struggles have simply been receiving an email from wordpress to activate my site- for some reason the link up email is not getting sent where it needs to. Does anyone have any suggestions of things I can try here?  I have also struggled with the time I would like to dedicate to this project- this has been an incredibly busy semester for me (I am sure it has been for everyone!!) and I recently got another teaching position to fill in my week and I have found it difficult to fit all of the tasks, projects, everyday things like eating 3 meals, into a day!!! So setting out 30 minutes each night to work on my project has been tough, I wish I had more time but the great thing is this project may evolve yet and I think it will be ever changing as a resource that wants to stay relevant and up to date as the year goes on. A triumph that I have had was of course the materials being donated to our library. I may not have the tech yet but I have some fantastic materials to create a kit for our library in the meantime. I have also felt it very serendipitous that just as I was taking this course, all of the opportunities to attend maker space events popped up. Whenever there is an opportunity for me to really learn about something that ignites my passion I feel that is a personal triumph.

I can’t wait for this to be up and running. I am really excited to see if the staff with use it. I am really excited to host maker space meetings for the kids lunch time sessions. I think I will use my class at the guinea pigs and work on some STEM lessons just after the new year. Yahoo, learning is amazing.



One thought on “FAIL= First Attempt In Learing

  1. Passionate post full of positive reflection! I am so pleased to see all the serendipitous connections that have come about for you. While the future may change, we always need to keep working towards our passions and contribute to our school communities in ways that are effective and responsive. You’ve done a great job on this project and evolvement of your program. The email issue from wordpress is strange. I would double check the spelling to ensure its getting sent to the right account and I would also look in your junk/spam/social email folders to see if its been re-directed somehow. Great stuff.


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