Vision Project Ideas…


Here is a photo I took last winter of an amazing Lego Robotics Unit that our district offers to students from grade 1 to grade 8. My grade 7 class was completely enthralled and engaged with the learning that took place during these sessions. I feel that the Library provides a unique space for students from any class to come and take part in the creative learning that Maker Spaces can provide.

Looking back on all of the wonderful ideas we have discussed and learned about in the past 2 months I am excited.

I am currently working on a plan to implement a Maker Space into our school library.  How this will look and how I will raise the funds to create this space are still in the works.

Below is a list of Things I will be looking into:

My weekend brain is telling me to add more to my blog before heading down for my brother’s weekend wedding on the coast. SO here goes……Looking forward with my project I feel that a website or blog would work really well to lay out my plans. There is a very real possibility that I will not be at the same school next year- and if that is the case I would like to have a well laid out maker space ‘to do’ list. Possibly instructions on how to run the Maker Space should I be at another school, how to use the tech resources and how to set up an engaging lunch time program for intermediate and primary students. I may use the wordpress platform again, it has been such a user friendly site to use.  With a website I will be able to use and add to the online space whenever or where ever I end up!


4 thoughts on “Vision Project Ideas…

  1. A good early start to your final vision project. Its a great topic, but I was hoping for a little more brainstorming on what format your final digital artifact will take. Is it going to be a website to share? Sometimes you need to think about the end product a little bit (not just the makerspace, but the vehicle for which you can share your ideas, planning and support for a Makerspace). Overall, exciting times!


  2. Hi Katie,
    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts about Makerspaces. We have a small group of students working with a 3D printer, learning how to create files using Tinkercad. We could do a lot more to develop a full Makerspace. I’ll be interested to learn about funding — since it seems necessary to look beyond regular school budgets for equipment purchase.


  3. Sounds great Katie, I am excited to see your results especially on grants and funding as that is not something I have had a chance to explore. Adding a digital component to our school makerspace that can be extended into the library has been on my to do list so getting more active on funding is a must for me.

    I am interested in hearing more about your district Lego robotics unit. Is there one unit that is held as a district resource for individual school sign out? Do you know how long the unit has been available and where the funding for the unit came from?


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