Looking Back to Move Forward.

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I am very excited about all the different directions my learning has gone in since we started this course! As a new TL I had some idea of all the amazing things that are encompassed in this position. I had no idea the incredible learning networks that exist for us. With Twitter alone I have found numerous educators, inspiring people, and tech pieces that I will be able to learn from and share with for years to come. The online community is very inspiring, you look for one thing and end up finding the most amazing information (the Koombook is an amazing piece of tech!!)

Yesterday I bought a 30 student subscription to MineCraft Education, I can’t wait to share the news wheaderwithlogoith my staff next week during our staff meeting. But I know that small steps will be the best approach and that is why I’m starting with jut 30 subscriptions to MineCraft. Show the teachers the value of this program and let them go for it! How excited am I to go to work today!? I think that as a new, beginner teacher librarian and somewhat new teacher (this is my fifth year teaching) the more experienced teachers may need some time to trust my knowledge and begin to work with me as a teacher not just a librarian. This course and the exploration into digital literacy
and technology has given me confidence to go out and share the incredible things that are
going on in libraries throughout our province!
Maker Spaces. Maker Spaces. Maker Spaces. If I had to choose anything that I learned about during phase 2 to explore some more it would be Maker Spaces and how to successfully integrate them into my school library. I am so jazzed about this topic! I have signed up for a PRO D Seminar that is being hosted by my district next week. I look forward to learning more and seeing how different teachers are implementing Maker Spaces
in their schools, creating connections so I can check out how to implement one in my school. I do plan to have some intermediate and primary Maker Space lunch time programs. There are many amazing resources that I learned about at the BCTLA conference and many items I can buy through Scholastic (yahoo, after our book fair we have some rewards money to spend!). It seems as if everything that we are learning about, working with, discussing at first seemed overwhelming but now is just endlessly inspiring. I WANT to implement it all in our library!!! Hands on, engaging, unique learning opportunities. Let’s give our students a space and the resources to become the makers they are!!

Having peer feedback is a great tool. It helps drive my practice when I know others are searching, looking and learning about the same topics I am. Collaborating and sharing is and will continue to be important under the umbrella of teacher tasks.


3 thoughts on “Looking Back to Move Forward.

  1. Well done reflection. This was full of passion and excitement about the new tools, ideas and strategies you will be carrying forward with you in your role. Your minecraft, maker space and PLN will help you engage with students, develop new skillsets and always be connected with the wider T-L community. Great stuff.


  2. I love your reflection and find your enthusiasm contagious! I too am pumped on makerspaces and all the learning opportunities they afford. We started a makerspace at our school last year and it has been really rewarding to bring elements of it into our library time. So far I have found visual journals that incorporate maker materials work really nicely into a library block. I am interested to hear more about the Minecraft licensing you have obtained, the students must be ecstatic. Will you be starting a Minecraft club or incorporating it into library time?


  3. Hi Katie,
    I too am intrigued by the idea of gaming in the school library. I went to UVic’s Ideafest in the spring and had my mind expanded by what is possible. I hope you update us about your experience with Minecraft!


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