Literature Research and Data Collection

Digital Literacy.
Online ethical behaviour.
Digital Identity.
Digital Citizenship.

These are four topics that I am really interested to learn more about. I know that I will enjoy researching and reading about each of these subjects.One part of this blog post that I found difficult, was choosing the best resources to showcase. I had a real ‘Ah-Ha’ moment, this must be how our students feel when we send them off on a project to search through the vast amounts of digital media that is out there. I find myself wondering if I have indeed chosen the best resources to share! I have added about 15 books and journal articles to my digital library reading list…..pretty amazing. I have also added videos to my YouTube account playlist.

Digital Literacy resources:

Popular Culture, New Media, and Digital Literacy in Early Childhood Edited by Kackie Marsh 

-This book contains research about popular culture and the influence of new technology on the lives of young children and shows it’s connection to literacy. This book suggests that modern childhoods are shaped by changing forms of communication, it contains research about the effect of modern forms of communicating knowledge and how children in the 21st century benefit from these new technologies. This book looks at children from Canada and across the world (USA, Australia, England, Mexico and Italy).

The Uses of Digital Literacy by John Hartly

-There is a great chapter about educating teachers how to present the importance of digital media to our students as a way to learning instead of something they use outside of school to purely social means or personal video game use.

Digital Literacy Video intro for your students

-A really student friendly video explaining the importance of digital literacy. I am looking forward to having a class discussion about this topic and sharing this video with my class. I wonder if they understand that they are digitally literate?

The Essential Elements of Digital Literacy – TEDx- Warwick

-A great resource for new teachers learning how to integrate the use of digital media and resources into your classroom. The speaker does a really nice job of explaining what digital literacy is and how to understand the importance of it in our new learning world.

Digital Identity / Online Ethical Behaviour/ Digital Citizenship

These three key concepts are fully connected. One cannot have a digital identity without understanding the importance of positive and ethical online behaviour. I also really find the topic of digital citizenship (a big connection) intriguing. Using the digital community to create positive change within their peer groups and possibly peer groups globally is pretty powerful.

Identity in a Digital World- TEDxLangleyED

-This is a TEDx speech with Alec Couros. This talk is about the challenges that children (possibly our students) face in a world where things are kept forever. Alec shares the idea that the online world is seen as the ‘real’ world for students who suffer from online bullying.  This is an eye opening talk about the horrible situations some students may find themselves in. Great talk!  He reminds us that there is not a line between the online and offline world for students.  How can we be better at understanding the digital world for our students?
Digital Literacy and You!

-I found a great video of a middle school student describing a company he has created called Grom Social. This is a safe online social networking site for kids- created by a peer.  I looked up the website associated with Grom Social and found some amazing stuff. I am really impressed with this students ability to recognize the harm and danger some of his peers were facing through online bullying. He wanted to create a safe digital space for his peers to connect with eachother. This is another program that I am interested in learning more about and possibly sharing with my students. Grade 6/7 students are fully immersed in the online world and I would like to share with them a positive way to connect.




One thought on “Literature Research and Data Collection

  1. Well done. Jumping down the rabbit hole can definitely be a little overwhelming with the amount of resources and the vast area to cover and explore. I think you have a great mix of different types of resources that cover your topics from different angles. Excellent to see Alec Couros there, as he is a very insightful academic that “walks the walk”. So glad you made the connection between your learning and the typical experience of your students.


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